The Best 10 Alternatives To Chromium Browser

Planning to switch to a highly secure and lightweight web browser? Your search ends here as this article will provide you with 10 best Chromium Chrome alternatives which are simple to use and packed with plenty of features.

Indeed Google Chrome is a trusted and versatile web browser that is flooded with numerous extensions and features. However, this browser comes with many privacy concerns while being heavy on the system resources which can result in the low battery life of your device.

The open-source browser project behind Google Chrome is Chromium which comes equipped with features related to media, security, and privacy. But if you wish to try some new and best chromium web browsers, you may want to check the below given options.

1. Opera

Opera has been in the list of best web browsers for decades now. It is equipped with free and convenient VPN services that include in-built ad blockers which help in enhancing your browsing experience while catering to your privacy and data security.

Opera browser also offers quick access to social media and messenger. You can browse sites like Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, and Vkontakte directly using the Opera sidebar.

Additionally, you can consider going for Chrome extensions which will allow you to access some amazing features to make your web experience even better.


2. Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi browser inherits the discarded features of the Opera browser such as notes and annotations which might be of great help to students. This browser comes with a sporty colour theme which changes depending on the webpage.

Apart from changing colour schemes, it also features some customizable options which you cannot find anywhere else including position tabs. This chromium-based browser allows you to install extensions from the chrome web store, annotate web pages, and lets you perform faster navigation along with using mouse gestures.

Additionally, it has an interesting Tab Hibernation feature which allows you to save unused tabs and use them later.


3. Opera Neon

Opera Neon was launched in 2017, this opera based web browser gives a feel of futuristic web browsers. The browser features a welcoming background as you launch it that matches incredibly with your desktop wallpaper, interesting, isn’t it? All its tabs are vertically placed into the circles instead of rectangles to make its appearance unique, it also acquires usability features.

It comes with features like in-built screen capturing and screen splitting etc. the Opera Neon also focuses on multimedia features, its in-built music player and video player allows you to listen to any track and watch videos while you browse. However, this browser does not come with extensions as it’s just a concept browser as of now.

Opera Neon

4. Microsoft Edge

Rebuilt in 2019 as a Chromium browser, Microsoft Edge is a fast and clean browser gives a big-time competition to all some web giants like Chrome. This browser is equipped with Microsoft Defender Smartscreen to save you from any potential concerns while giving you added control over the way your data is collected and stored.

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Besides, it’s an excellent browser for those who like to read news online, its Reader feature allows you to indulge in article reading with no screen distractions at all.

Microsoft Edge

5. Brave Browser

Brave is an open-source web browser that works by blocking website trackers and eliminating intrusive advertisements to let you browse safely without any threat. These ads might be of some use to many but this browser certainly provides what the majority of users may need.

Brave browser lets you go back to the frequently browsed sites via its Rewards system. This reward system has Basic Attention Tokens which can be collected by browsing the web and watching various Brave ads. Besides, it keeps track of which sites you visit the most and then pays those websites with the tokens collected in your wallet.

Brave Browser

6. Opera GX

Opera GX a latest web browser from Opera is specially curated for online games, unlike the standard Opera and Neon browsers. The right side of this browser houses links to messaging applications and Twitch, including features like YouTube and video pop-out features, etc. which can be used while browsing.

The most interesting and unique feature of this browser is its interaction with your computer system. It allows you to use CPU. limiter, RAM limiter, and network limiter to optimize the performance of your system while making sure that your browser doesn’t slow down and hamper your browsing experience.

Opera GX

7. SRWare Iron

SRWare Iron provides an excellent way to ditch security and privacy compromising features as in chrome. This browser is based on a different approach that allows to strip off privacy related functionality instead of adding new functionalities or features.

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SRWare Iron browser eradicates features like Google Updater, Google hosted error pages, address bar suggestions, and DNS pre-fetching, etc. Plus, it makes a perfect choice if you need a browser which is utterly different from chrome.

Besides, this browser has a look similar to chrome and lets you easily add extensions and sync your Google account.


8. Epic Privacy Browser

As the name suggests, Epic is a simple and light browser that concerns privacy the most. Epic Privacy Browser ensures to always use private browsing without any need of enabling private browsing mode.

Additionally, it dynamically removes browser history, cookies, and cache when you exit. What’s more? It also removes other private or personal data that goes to Google like URL tracking and address bar suggestions.

Epic Browser

9. Comodo Dragon Browser

Comodo Dragon all-in-one browser is versatile and safe. Unlike other web browsers, it is equipped with a technology that is capable of determining online threats easily and quickly to offer you the best browsing experience.

Comodo Dragon browser works by disabling the privacy-compromising features such as bug tracking system, Google user tracker, Google Translate, and address bar suggestions.

Moreover, it allows the users to configure their system using Comodo DNS servers to perform additional security checks to analyze and verify whether the website you are using is safe and secure.

Comodo Dragon

10. Torch Browser

Developed by torch media, Torch web browser focuses mainly on multimedia features. Its in-built Media Grabber lets you save any audio or video files from the websites, whereas, the Torch Player allows you to play those files before even getting downloaded. Torch browser additionally features a torrent client which makes it easy for the users to manage torrent from within the browser itself.

This chromium based browser and Internet suite can handle tasks like web sharing via social media handles, grabbing online media, and accelerating downloads, all straight from the browser. Also, this browser is compatible with all major add- ons and extensions on the Chrome store.

Torch Browser


If you are planning to move to a browser that offers more data security and privacy but finding it difficult to decide which browser to go for, then don’t forget to check this list of the 10 best alternatives to chromium-browser which will make your browsing experience much more smooth and safe.

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