10 Best File Managers for Android

File Managers are important applications because they provide a reliable method for browsing files, finding downloads, sharing data, managing storage space, managing installed applications, and a lot more.

I personally like file managers because they enable me to organize almost everything in my storage spaces and even if you’re not big on organization, you sure do need a file manager app to move things around from time to time.

While some Android devices come with a simple file manager app for sharing and managing files, file manager apps can do so much more.

In today’s article, we provide you with a list of the best file manager applications available on the PlayStore.

1. File Manager

File Manager by File Manager + is a free powerful file explorer with a simple UI designed for ease of use. With it, you can manage files and folders, cloud storage, and Network-attached storage (NAS).

When working with files, you can search, open, navigate directories, copy, paste, delete, de/compress, download, bookmark, rename, transfer and organize them. It includes support for all major file formats including APKs.

File Manager

Download File Manager + from Google PlayStore

2. Mi File Manager

Mi File Manager is a free, secure file explorer for managing, finding, sharing files. It is Xiaomi’s very own file manager app designed to be beautiful, easy to use and to support multiple audio, video, and document formats.

Its feature highlights include file compression, Mi Drop for sharing files with friends without connecting to the Internet, and global search, among others.

Mi File Manager

Download Mi File Manager from Google PlayStore


3. Files by Google

Files by Google is a free file management application built to help you free up space with cleaning recommendations, find files quicker, share files offline, and back up files to the cloud. As is expected of any Google product, it features a beautiful user interface with well-segmented areas for specific management functions.

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If you’re in search of a 3-in-1 file manager application for searching for files, managing space, and sharing data then Files by Google is a good choice.

Files by Google

Download Files by Google from Google PlayStore

4. Cx File Explorer

Cx File Explorer features a modern UI, support for several cloud storage services, support for storage servers (SMB, FTB, etc), and all the basic file operations. It is completely free and contains an ad-free user interface designed with accessibility in mind. As if that’s not enough, it features a dashboard for visualizing your device’s storage analysis.

Cx File Explorer

Download Cx File Explorer from Google PlayStore

5. File Commander

File Commander is a free powerful file manager app for handling files on your Android devices, network location, or cloud storage using a clean and intuitive user interface. Feature highlights include a security Vault, storage analyzer, recycle bin, file converter, and 5GB free storage on MobiDrive (free cloud storage platform).

File Commander

Download File Commander from Google PlayStore


6. Moto File Manager

Moto File Manager enables users to manage files easily and efficiently with Motorola’s custom file explorer app. It features several file operation options including copy, move, rename, and de/compression of zip files. Its feature highlights include one key transfer, a feature that allows users to transfer all media files from the device’s internal memory to an external SD card. Remote management and global search are also included.

Moto File Manager

Download Moto File Manager from Google PlayStore

7. ASTRO File Manager

ASTRO File Manager is a free file explorer and storage organizer application for managing storage space as well as sharing files. Its feature highlights include SD card support, file compression, archive extraction (ZIP and RAR), cloud storage support, and a beautiful Material Design user interface.

ASTRO File Manager

Download ASTRO File Manager from Google PlayStore

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8. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is a beautiful file explorer application inspired by the old school file commander applications. Its main functions include easily managing files in dual-pane layout, protecting files with strong encryption, managing files on NAS or cloud storage, and batch operations.

If you are familiar with ES File Explorer and in need of a secure alternative then check out Solid Explorer. It offers a free trial for a week or two after which it costs $1.99.

Solid Explorer

Download Solid Explorer from Google PlayStore


9. X-plore File Manager

X-plore File Manager is an advanced file manager application designed to give users complete control of their file directories. Its features highlights include a dual-pane tree view, disk map, music player, app manager, PDF viewer, WiFi file sharing, view APK files as ZIP, vault for encrypting sensitive files, hex viewer, USB OTG, SSH file transfer, SSH shell, and configurable buttons for shortcuts. It is free to use.

X-plore File Manager

Download X-plore File Manager from Google PlayStore

10. Total Commander

Total Commander is a free file manager and among the most powerful in this list given that it has virtually any feature necessary for file management. This includes cloud and network storage support, plugin support, bookmarks, and a text editor! While its user interface isn’t the best designed of the bunch, it offers a simple but ad-free UI that promotes accessibility.

Total Commander

Download Total Commander from Google PlayStore

What are the excellent file manager apps that didn’t make it to our list? Get in the comments section and tell us about them!

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